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Sunday, April 20, 2014


A little beyond the cute, fuzzy baby chicks  which they were 2 weeks ago; but I love the teenage phase they are going through right now..."surfer dudes", we call them...this one enjoyed his first time outside in the sunshine today!

DD and DSIL are up for the holiday weekend...I thought Maggie might step in to take photos (she is a fabulous photographer, among her many talents) but she had a run-in with a mandoline this afternoon, and she lost...:(

Here we are during the photoshoot

I am showing my most recent sewing project, a pair of my Lynda Maynard pants 
in a wonderful cotton/linen blend from my new source, Smuggler's Daughter;
it's off-white with a fabulous "ink spatter" pattern from Milly.

We are feasting on grilled, butterflied leg of lamb (scallops for pescaterian DD),
roasted red potatoes, asparagus, and wine (and CHAMPAGNE!)

An endless sink full of dishes to be done...

I'm checking in over at Not Dead Yet Style where Patti is once again hosting
Visible Monday...

I hope your holiday or Sunday has been wonderful!


Monday, April 14, 2014


That's me...spring has sprung and I have been buzzing around like a madwoman. I had a dinner party for a dear friend, involving LOTS of Middle-Eastern cooking; my eldest niece and her darling high-school senior son came to visit en route from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, which he will enter this September; DD and DSIL are coming for the weekend, and next week I'm off for a few days in Santa Fe with a group of "Fiberly Friends"...it's all good.

In between activities, I was able to grab some studio time and made this tee

an OOP Vogue pattern by Marcy Tilton (8582). You will notice, I'm sure, that it has some COLOR...it's a very pretty knit from Emma One Sock that had all the right colors in it.

The next project I tackled was a Claude Montana pattern, also OOP, Vogue 1373

I've always loved his designs, and have "collected" a number of them on eBay.
Since these are mostly 1980's patterns, I had to do a lot of work on the shoulders, armscyes and sleeves. They were HUGE, to accommodate the shoulder pads of the times.

The fabric is a black and gray leopard print denim from JoAnn's;

I used black piping on the princess seams in the back.

You can see I have a little more work to do on the shoulder area before I try another one...it can be worn open over a tee, as well.

The last item I made is a shirt/tunic in my old reliable B5526...

The fabric is a beautiful drapey rayon with a lovely hand from a NEW SOURCE!

The site is Smuggler's Daughter...I have ordered several pieces of fabric from her and am very pleased with the quality and speed of delivery.

I made a double collar on it, which is kind of hard to see in the photos...

(that large round thing on my bosom must be a water spot on the lens)
This too, I can wear open over a tank or tee.

Sorry for the dot...

During my sewing times I listened to several audio books...I particularly enjoyed
Daughters of Mars by Tom Keneally, the author who wrote "Schindler's List".
The Daughters of Mars

I'll probably post again before I leave for Santa Fe...


PS, sorry for the duplicate photos, I can't seem to fix them!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Yet ANOTHER Ikat Jacket!

Did I mention how much I love ikat?

This is my first (but not my last) iteration of Sandra Betzina's new Vogue 1385
with the lovely neckline. I will make it in a softer fabric, and perhaps skip the interfacing, as it seems to be prettier that way. But, I'm very happy with this
jacket...I lengthened it, removed the pleats from the sleeves and lengthened them, added a pocket and a narrow piping around the edges. The fabric is a stretch cotton jacquard, the reverse is as pretty as the chosen side. It is from
Emma One Sock.

It can be worn open, as shown, and also buttoned up as a light coat.

(Now I'm showing off my roses...)

These are the buttons I used

and this is a close-up of the pendant, by the artist Charlotte Valestra...

We're hosting a birthday dinner for a dear friend next weekend, so I don't know when I'll get back in the studio...Have a great week!

Sunday, March 23, 2014


OUR biggest news in the last few weeks, is that we replaced THIS

with THIS:

Our old Honda ATC, seen in this post, was more than 30 years old, and dangerous to drive. Our cute little John Deere Gator CX will be much safer, not to mention HOW CUTE IT IS!!!!

Here I am in my latest pair of Lynda Maynard pants, in that lovely windowpane check fabric...(which I am aware you can't SEE)...

Also wearing my new United Nude black and white sandals...

 The shoes are darling, but what I REALLY like is the writing on the box:

In my fashion wanderings on the web, I found this picture a few weeks ago:

and thought it was pretty, albeit a little bland (for me, that is). I ordered the lace top from Nordstrom and made pants and a tank top to go with it. The first
tank I made was from the same fabric as the pants (high-tech matte hybrid in
cream) from Emma One Sock, but it needed a little zing, so I made a 
Kwik Sew 3462 in black Parisian Microfiber Knit from Marcy Tilton and liked it
a lot better.

My many wisteria vines are in full, fragrant bloom, and the roses are beginning to pop...

 it's time to welcome spring, although we never really had a winter.

You'll find me (and my Gator) over at Patti's Visible Mondays a little later


Sunday, March 9, 2014


I have always been attracted to ikat designs...it's an instantly recognizable type of weaving..
"The defining characteristic of ikat is the dyeing of patterns, by means of bindings, into the threads before cloth construction, the weaving of the fabric, takes place. " 

In my textile-oriented travels, I have seen ikat weavers in India, Southeast
Asia, Central Asia, Indonesia. In Chiang Mai, Thailand, I went to a cooperative
called Studio Naenna, begun by the woman who was leading us on a private textile tour of VietNam, Laos and Thailand. I watched the women dye the threads and then weave them in various ikat patterns...

I was able to buy several pieces of fabric (one shown in this post, which I unfortunately RUINED). I finally gathered the courage to try again, with this
lovely design.

I was smart enough this time to use a TNT pattern, M5433 (OOP) 

to make this long jacket...

I made the pants, too, out of a lovely drapey denim-y fabric...I think I might like the jacket better with slim black pants... I lined the jacket with a silky satin, so it goes on easily, and used an oversized hook and eye tape I picked up several years ago. I also added a mandarin collar, which seemed to be just the thing for this fabric.

I'm joining the Very Visible women over at Not Dead Yet Style today, where Patti
provides us with a place to be seen!

P.S....I have a new favorite shoe brand...

This is the Yoko Wedge, by Fly London...cute, no?

Sunday, March 2, 2014


For those of us in drought-stricken California, the last few days have brought us 4 inches of rain, a blessed gift, although not enough to bring us out of the current 3-year record dryness...

Instead of going in my studio on Friday, I sat in front of the window and reveled in that glorious downpour.

I have been doing a lot of cooking lately...from my favorite Jerusalem cookbook, of course...

Very good, with unusual flavors...

Outstanding...the Pomegranate Jam is wonderful and could be used in many ways

This one is from the NYT, also Middle Eastern. Very Good!

Friday, we went out to lunch in the pouring rain...I got to wear my new Polish
Gray Fedora, which I'm using to link to The Style Crone's monthly Hat Attack...
The lovely Judith shares her love of hats with us all...

Back to the studio today, where I'm working with a special fabric from Thailand which I've had for 10 years...


Monday, February 24, 2014


It's been THREE WEEKS since my last post! After the triumphal unveiling of my Isobel Marant wanna-be, I was exposed to the latest cold/flu/etc. and came tumbling down to real life, only worse. I don't get sick very often, for which I'm
exceedingly grateful, but when I do, it's a doozy. Anyway, I'm almost back to what passes as normal, and have some things to show and tell!

When I was in Santa Cruz in January, I bought some beautiful fabrics from Harts. Among them was a very interesting black knit with irregular "bobbles" on it. I was auditioning patterns for another jacket I want to make, and used this fabric with Vogue 8893, a Clare Schaffer jacket. The bobble fabric was a bear to sew, but I love it and I love the jacket...it's like a soft, very stylish cardigan.

I used plain black ponte knit for the bands. The collar sits away from the neck a little bit, and is very flattering.

Although I won't use this pattern for the jacket I have in mind, I'm delighted to
have discovered it, and I'm sure I'll make it again.

I also made another KS 3601 tunic out of a very lovely cotton fabric I got at 
F&S Fabrics in West Los Angeles when I was down there several weeks ago. It's a black/ivory window pane check;the
hang tag read 100% cotton, but it does not wrinkle, washed beautifully, and reminds me of that very high quality wool challis that used to be available. It was a dream to sew and I have a couple of yards left.

I am wearing one of my favorite pairs of earrings, ever...

Once upon a time, many years ago, I collected, among other things, doll eyeballs (trust me, you don't want to know WHY) and my friend, the artist Charlotte Valestra, made me a snappy pair of earrings. I named them "don't it 
make your brown eyes blue" and I love to wear them and see the look on people's faces when they see them. Yes, I'm weird....

Since it's still Monday, and I'm still visible, I am linking to Patti's Visible Monday
and joining more than 115 other visible women, SOME of whom must be weird, too...